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It would be easy to blame my total lack of blogging in the last year on my new found status as a rancher, but then blogging regularly has never been my strong suite. I owe y’all about fifty one posts to be caught up and I make no promises about providing those but I can give some view into what I’ve been doing with myself. Honestly, it’s
hard to believe how much time has passed since I made the great leap into country living. Although I still feel pretty fresh, I definitely have gained some skills.

I’ve learned to use a weed whacker:galaxyphonepics 382

And a chainsaw:

I’ve started to learn how to drive a tractor:

A.k.a I’m about as butch as I’ve ever been. But then again, I can only turn on one of these machines on my own and since it’s the tractor, I know better than to do that. Tractors are not to be messed with!

The year has been an adventure. I am slowing becoming my future. In this next year my first book will come out. Life is so damn exciting.