If you just can’t get enough of my writing/opining or you feel like my content herein has negelected the Baby part of my promise to focus on Jews, Queers, Babies and Acting- there is hope! I have been asked to contribute to the latest and greatest venture on the interweb, the brand spanking new online parenting magazine- InCulture Parent. It is going to help people raise tiny global citizens…Hurrah! And what do I know about parenting, having yet to pop one out myself? That’s a good question. For the sake of the magazine a leap of faith is being made that in all my years of nannying I have learned something from watching. You can be the judge of my judging of others- it’ll be great! My column, “Other People’s Parenting covers the Nanny’s perspective. OPP, yeah you know me…. Here it is:http://incultureparent.com/