The Infamous Kiss

Me and my younger bro have been discussing whether lil’ Wayne is a homophobe. We both very much admire his music and are to varying degrees optomistic about his prospects as an equal rights advocate. He does kiss his mentor, Birdman, on the mouth afterall. Still, there are multiple signs that he is not a fan of the gays. Our perception arises, for instance, from his proclamation that he’d rather “be pushing flowers”, aka dead, than “In the pen, sharing showers”. I see that lyric as clearly homophobic as it is based around fears of common male nudity and the spectre of prison rape. My brother suggested it just meant that he rather die that go to jail. A claim that will be put to test perhaps, as his recent gun charges might bring jail time. Personally, I don’t see him committing Hara-Kiri, to avoid prison, but only time will tell. Anyhow, the lyrical analysis was set aside in favor of a discussion surrounding the term, “No Homo”- Lil’ Wayne uses it regularly, for a tutorial I highly suggest this hilarious video . It also features the mouth kiss Wayne gives his homie towards the end.