So this is not the most recent of content but I thought it applied to my general themes, so I feel the need to include it. Haaretz reported on a field trip in which a bunch of Amish got a tour of Crown Heights as given by the resident ultra-orthodox Jews. What a sight that must have been! All those black hats!  check it out :  My main interest in it outside of general absurdity has to do with a much postponed project of mine, Fundamentalist  Paper Dolls. I have argued back and forth with people as to whether Amish folks should be represented within, in the Christian section. I believe they should, because fundamentalism, essentially, is a belief that there was a better, more pure time in the past that we should strive to return to, and this certainly describes the Amish. I think people don’t want to group them with the more militant parts of the fundamentalist scene because they are so peaceble. But that shouldn’t preclude their inclusion in my paper doll book and this article backs me up- so there….