iowaokay, c’mon what kind of universe are we living in in which Gay folks can get married in Iowa, but not in California?  HUGE victory- but still….a little absurd, no? I hope California feels properly chastised and motivated to get with the program in terms of cvil rights, since Iowa is on board. Does this merit  my ending my general mockery of that state, since they just proved themselves more enlightened than my homestate? From now on when people are being dumbly conservative about something and I ask where they are from, i’ll presume California, land of the intolerant. Jeez….. Using this as a chance to connect two of my favorite subjects, it reminds me of how historically the right wingers in Israel have been the ones to be able to make actual concessions, think Begin, Sharon in later years. Even Rabin the great peacemaker started as a hawk.  It has something to do with the Left being stymied by their own positioning. Similarly, Californians butress themselves from being “too radical”  by Prop 8 and such nonsense. Just to have Iowa show them up….