So i started working with a local lady Tanya Taylor Rubenstein on making a book proposal for my opus, Moms and Bombs. We had our first session yesterday. I cried. Multiple times actually. She seemed to think this was how we would get to the ” good Stuff”. It felt suspiciously like therapy to me, probably because I was crying and there was a stranger taking notes. I comforted myself with the thought that, even if I was paying similarly exorbitant hourly rates, this would eventually make me money, which therapy does not.  I also attempted to convince myself that if I wasn’t totally over my ex ( hence the tears), this would have to help.  Miss TTR even agreed on that one, saying admiringly, that writing a book about the failure of your relationship was a creative and empowered way to grieve.  My homework for the week is to write a one page summary of  the story im telling.  The kind of thing you find on a book jacket. So in the fashion of a true research wonk, i hightailed it to the library to inspect book jackets. Never have hardbacks been so appealing…..