Gaza is such a mess. I remember when my ex was in the army and Israel was still in full occupation mode, before the withdrawal, it was a point on which we agreed. Israel had to get out. Serving there was a loathsome task and dealing with it, in general, engendered regularly comments like ” it should fall into the sea”.  Noone knew what to do about it. It seems that again Israel is clearly in the wrong regarding Gaza and needs to get out. The human rights reports coming from the current invasion are saddening and shocking both. It is not behavior that should be enabled or justified.  There must be a cease fire. I have put up a link to Israeli human rights groups,demoloished_building-gaza as I see them as the most likely to be reputable and unbiased. At times like these my love for Israel feels alot like a stomach ache, acid indigestion. Reading Gila Svirsky’s missive, I liked the sign she said she was carrying ” we have become our own worst nightmare”.