Since i started this with such a random posting- although it did involve the somewhat non-heteronormative parenting practices of second wave feminist mothers, i am going to do right and give a little space to introduce myself before i digress to more issue related posts. I am the Jewish daughter of a lesbian quartet in the Bay Area. The title of this blog is also the working title of my book, a memoir that explores the question ” can the daughter of a pack of lesbians find heteronormative love with an Israeli combat soldier?” Answers await, once publishing commences. In the meantime, I thought this might be a good forum for engaging with some of the themes of that endeavor. Israel, Being Queerspawn, Parenting/Romance. As well as other touchpoints of my psyche like foster care, wine, genocide studies, infant care and birth culture, labor-zionism, epistemology and critical thinking. Whoah, now my head hurts.